APP57-20 ISLAMABAD: October 20 - Ms. Marriyum Aurangzeb, Minister of State for IB&NH addressing during an event to mark 200th year's birth anniversary of Hazrat Bahaullah the founder of Bahai faith on the theme of celebrating humanity "Unity In Diversity" at Lok Virsa. APP

ISLAMABAD, Oct 20 (APP):Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb Friday said that the implementation of the anti-terrorism policies through the efforts of the government, cooperation of the provincial governments, sacrifices of the armed forces and the law enforcing agencies and the people of Pakistan, have started paying dividends.
She said that due to terrorism in the last 30 to 40 years a culture of intolerance had also taken roots in the country. The minister was speaking at 200th anniversary of Bahaullah organized by Lok Virsa here.
The minister said that due to the vision of the former prime minister the country was again emerging as a cradle of peace and the people belonging to all religions and fraternities were living in the country with pride and celebrating their festivals unhindered.
The minister said that Pakistan was fighting a war of perception and passing through a very difficult phase therefore all of us had to fight this war collectively as a nation and emerge triumphant. She said that we would have to correct our behaviours and do our duties in individual capacities without raising fingers towards others. She said malice, hatred and jealousies could destroy any society.
Marriyum said that national identity could be presented before the global community in a better way through heritage, culture, music, films and literature. She said that sixty per cent of our population consisted of youth who were the future architects of the nation and needed to be guided towards the right direction by eliminating the culture of intolerance.
She said she was immensely pleased to participate in the 200th anniversary of Bahullah, who during his entire life disseminated knowledge and taught good behavior to the people. Marriyum said that Bahaullah believed that all the religions were leaves of the same tree and if the tree came to any harm all the leaves would be affected.
The minister said that the country was witnessing a revival of arts, literature, culture and heritage and the playing fields were regaining their lost hustle and bustle.
She informed the audience that on the completion of 70 years of independence special ceremonies had been initiated.
The Ministry of Information and its attached departments including PTV, Radio Pakistan and Lok Virsa were ensuring the outreach of these programems to all the corners of the country, which would continue till December. She said that Lok Virsa was striving hard to groom the talent of the youth.
Executive Director of Lok Virsa Dr Fauzia Saeed said that the entire nation shared the festivities with the Bahai community. Secretary General of Bahai Movement said that Baha Ullah was born in the royal family of Iran in 817 who gave the message that one should seek happiness by joining the happiness of others. He said that all the people belonging to Baha Movement were grateful to the minister for her participation in the anniversary and highlighting the image of Pakistan.
The artists from all the provinces, Gilgit Baltistan and AJK and Hunza enthralled the audience with folk songs of their respective regions.