Amir Muqam thanks Punjab for assisting against dengue

PESHAWAR, Aug 20 (APP): Advisor to the Prime Minister and
President Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Khyber Pakhtunkhwa
Engineer Amir Muqam Sunday appreciated the cooperation and
assistance of Punjab government to overcome dengue fever in KPK.
Talking to media during his visit to Peshawar Press Club along
Punjab Health Minister Imran Khawaja, Amir Muqam said further three
units and CBC Analyzer would be sent from provincial government of Punjab to
KPK to help in overcoming dengue outbreak.
“We are serving the people of KPK and standing along them at
this hard time rather than doing politics,” he said.
He thanked the Punjab government for helping the KPK
government at this time and said 13 member committee comprising the
local people had been constituted which would work for developing
contact between public and doctors.
The team, he said, would also work to improve health
facilities for the victims of dengue fever in KPK.
Criticizing KPK government for not accepting doctors team sent
by Punjab government, he said it reflected that KPK government
didn’t want to control dengue virus and preferring doing
politics on it.
Earlier, Amir Muqam visited Punjab Health Unit and appreciated
the performance of doctors after analyzing the health facilities.