ALPHA supermarkets launches Tesco products in Pakistan


KARACHI, Feb 15 (APP): The launch of Tesco Label products at
Alpha Supermarkets in Pakistan was announced by the British High Commissioner Thomas Drew and Limestone Private Limited at the British Deputy High Commission in Karachi.
According to a statement issued by British Deputy High Commission
here on Wednesday, the Tesco PLC is one of the world’s biggest companies and is a British multinational grocery and general merchandise retailer with stores in 12 countries across Asia and Europe.
Tesco products will soon be available at Alpha Supermarkets in
Pakistan including food and nonfood items in three categories: Tesco Goodness, Tesco Finest and Tesco Everyday.
British High Commissioner to Pakistan, Thomas Drew, said on the
occasion that ‘UK brands- especially those as big as Tesco’ have
a real advantage in Pakistan, as British brands are so recognisable
already to the many people in Pakistan who have visited the UK.
This is a particularly important year for this to be happening in
Pakistan, as we are celebrating 70 years of UK-Pakistan relations.
While we will, of course, be remembering all the things that have linked
us over the last 70 years, we are just as focused on the future of our relationship. At the heart of this will be increased trade between our
two countries and I hope Tesco’s launch is just the start of a new era
of British-Pakistani trade’.