Allegations by PTI spokesperson against Gen Kiani are defamatory to armed forces: Marriyum

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ISLAMABAD April 4 (APP): Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage, Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to a private TV channel to give her reaction on the claim by PTI Secretary General Naeemul Haq that the former COAS Gereral Pervez Kiani in connivance with US and Saudi Arabia planned the rigging of 2013 general election, said that it was the most preposterous, ridiculous and irresponsible proposition designed to defame the armed forces, who have rendered unparalleled sacrifices to defend the geographical boundaries of the country and were fighting the internal enemy to make Pakistan a cradle of peace and tranquility.
She said that the statement was in line with the approach of Imran Khan who has an impulsive propensity to defame and ridicule national and state institutions.
The minister said, “If the PTI had was certain about the role of General Kiani in influencing the results of 2013 elections then why didn’t it provide the proof to the Judicial Commission, which delivered a comprehensive verdict on the issue?.
When the commission asked them to provide proofs of rigging, the PTI leadership replied that their job was to level allegations and not providing proofs. Even today when Naeemul Haq was asked to present the evidence in support of his claim regarding General Kiani’s role in the rigging, he said he had no proof.
It is almost the second nature of PTI leaders to level unsubstantiated allegations against the state institutions, particularly when they are asked to file replies in regards to their corruption and embezzlement.
Imran Khan himself uses this kind of diction in his public rallies to vent his frustration over the inability of the party to deliver in KPK.
The PTI leader know that in the remaining one and half years they will not be able to boast of any achievements so they are trying to divert the attention of the voters by leveling allegations of rigging.”
She said that the PTI by levelling rigging allegations
had been insulting the mandate of the people of Pakistan that they gave to Nawaz Sharif, therefore, the PTI leadership should apologize to the nation for this crime. The minister said that the time of politics of chaos and anarchy had long gone and only those would remain in political arena who would deliver to the masses.
The minister said the PTI had realized that it could not survive in the political field, so its leaders have started this type of blame game. She pointed out that they had been ridiculing the ECP and now by accusing General Kiani they were trying to bring into disrepute another national institution. The entire nation has full trust in the armed forces and is standing behind them because they have given unprecedented sacrifices in the war against terrorism and it must be wondering over this irresponsible statement, she added.
She said that Imran Khan recently had asked other countries to stop issuing visas to Pakistanis and now his party has accused a brotherly country of meddling in Pakistan’s elections.
She said that PTI has blamed General Kiani who played important role as COAS in strengthening national defence and war against terrorism. The minister observed – it has become a habit of the PTI to praise the incumbent heads of the national institutions and when they retire it starts pointing finger towards their honesty. Even the PTI workers who have now parted ways due to Imran Khan’s dictatorial attitude are ridiculed.”