All set for ADB’s golden jubilee meeting amidst pleasant ambiance from Thursday


By M Naeem Chaudhry

YOKOHAMA (Japan), May 3 (APP): All is set with finance and development ministers, central bank governors, senior government officials, business executives, media persons, academics, representatives from civil society, development organizations and youth from the Asia and Pacific region started landing here amidst pleasant and hospitable ambiance along with mercury hovering around 20’C.
Imposing Conference Hall venue flanked by back to back massive high-rise buildings is awaiting formal commencement of ADB’s golden jubilee meeting from Thursday.
Over 5,000 delegates, including from North America and Europe, are likely to attend the 50th Annual Meeting of Asian Development Bank (ADB’s) Board of Governors from May 4 to 7 here at Pacifico Yokohama.
With the theme of “Building Together the Prosperity of Asia”, this year’s meeting will focus on the region’s growing need for infrastructure as a critical sector towards achieving sustainable and inclusive development.
Deliberations, discourses and discussions on how to address urban challenges and earnestly strive for clean and climate-resilient development will be held on the occasion.
The flagship Governors’ Seminar on Friday will discuss reforms in trade, investment, and finance, as well as lessons learnt from the past 50 years of development in the region.
A special book launch, as part of ADB’s 50th anniversary celebrations, has also been arranged for Thursday to interact and share ADB’s role and future direction.
Important sessions will hold discussions on cardinal issues central to development, including rising inequality, macroeconomic stability, progress on the Sustainable Development Goals, and financial inclusion.
The annual meeting will highlight and project the role of the private sector in supporting development programmes in Asia and the Pacific through seminars focused on public-private partnerships and co-financing.
Japan, hosting this mega event, will hold several events, including discussions on lessons from the Asian financial crisis 20 years later, and a youth event focused on reducing poverty and fostering inclusive economic growth.
Flagship sessions and the ADB President’s press conferences will be livestreamed. The annual meeting’s events can be followed through social media channels, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.