All institutions must operate in conformity with constitution like former PM: Marriyum

APP58-02 ISLAMABAD: November 02 - Ms Marriyum Aurangzeb Minister of State for IB&NH alongwith Minister of State for Interior, Talal Chaudhry talking to media. APP

ISLAMABAD, Nov 02 (APP):Minister of State for Information, Broadcasting and National Heritage Marriyum Aurangzeb talking to the media outside the Ehtsab court here Thursday said the former Prime Minister was presenting himself before the law and the constitution and like him all the state institutions must also operate within the ambit of law and constitution.

She said that the former Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had winched the country out of darkness, ushered in an era of prosperity, given it CPEC and road infrastructure, checked terrorism in its tracks and given the first ever health and education systems, therefore, he did not need to run away from accountability and the country. She said that only a person like Imran Khan who had been abusing and denigrating state institutions and was a real thief would run away from the courts and use abusive language against them. The minister said that Imran could not face the people publicly because he knew he was a thief.
She said that Nawaz Sharif had said that he would himself set a tradition of accountability in the country and by appearing in the courts he surely had set a unique example. She said that Nawaz Sharif had also said that nobody would be able to avoid accountability and those who were raising hue and cry would also be taken care of soon. Marriyum said that by appearing before courts and the constitution Nawaz Sharif wanted to restore the sanctity of vote and honour of the people, who had elected him Prime Minister for the third time.
Referring to Imran’s objection on security being provided to the former Prime Minister she said that he did not understand the difference between protocol and security. The minister said that the one who had fought against terrorism surely needed security while the one like Imran Khan, who had been a part of them and supported them, did not. She said that people of Pakistan were with the constitution and Nawaz Sharif, who loved them, served them and put the country on the path of sustained development.
The minister reiterated that only the elected representatives could serve the masses and bring prosperity to the country and unless the sanctity of the vote of the people was restored, the country could not march ahead. She said that neither the SC nor JIT and NAB could unearth any corruption against the thrice elected prime minister and after one and a quarter year sent him home on ‘ Iqama.’ She said that the collection of evidence was outsourced to companies in London, but no incriminating evidence could be found from the heaps of material that was collected.