Al Qaeda linked group remains threat to Pakistan, India, Afghanistan, Bangladesh


WASHINGTON, April 15 (APP): A senior US general in
Afghanistan has said there has been an increased relationship between Al Qaeda and the Taliban in Afghanistan and Al Qaeda in the Indian subcontinent (AQIS) remains a threat to the countries in the region including Pakistan and India.

Addressing a press conference via videophone from
Afghanistan, Brigadier General Charles H. Cleveland, Deputy Chief of Staff for Communications, Resolute Support Mission said on Thursday that growing interaction between Taliban and Al Qaeda was one of the concerns.

“We are beginning to see more of an increased relationship
between Al Qaeda and the Taliban. The biggest indicator of that, of course, was last August. Al Zawahiri did go ahead and swear allegiance to Mullah Mansour. And we have seen more of a relationship between those types of organizations,” the General said.