AJK to be blessed with much-awaited constitutional reforms soon: AJK PM

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MIRPUR (AJK), Feb 15 (APP): The Prime Minister of Azad Jammu & Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan has categorically said that vanishing of Act – 1974, the interim constitution of Azad Jammu & Kashmir is the top priority of his popularly-elected government in order to ensure due empowerment of the AJK government in letter and spirit in all sectors.
He was addressing the news conference at the PWD Rest House here Tuesday.
He was flanked by several of his cabinet colleagues including minister for MDA sports and culture Ch. Muhammad Saeed, Senior minister Ch. Tariq Farooq, MLA Ch. Rukhsar Ahmed and his local party colleagues.
It would strengthen the Kashmir freedom struggle, speedy progress of AJK through self reliance of huge local resources and address of local issues in minimum possible time, he added.
Raja Farooq Haider Khan continued that introduction of much-awaited constitutional amendments in interim Act 1974, what he called, the ‘gift’ of late Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto to the people of AJK, through complete departure of the existing interim constitution in the near future, will lead to the major reform of the existing shape of the interim constitution of Azad Jammu Kashmir.
The Act 1974 stabbed the due rights of the people of AJK who were denied their legitimate rights through this interim constitution”, the AJK Prime Minister observed.
To a question, the Prime Minister said that the AJK government and the PML-N led government of Pakistan were on the same page regarding the introduction of upcoming constitutional reforms in AJK.
He disclosed that a constitutional reforms committee headed by a federal minister has so far been constituted to bring about the much-needed due amendments in Act 1974, the interim constitution of the AJK State.
He said that Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif was also fully agreed to bring about the amendments in AJK’s constitution.
Raja Farooq Haider Khan said that the proposed constitutional amendments in AJK would further strengthen the deep rooted bondages and relationship of the people of Jammu & Kashmir with Pakistan, the ultimate destination of the people of the State through more cohesion and solidarity, he declared.
The media had invited the attention of the much-awaited amendments in the interim constitution of AJK – Act 1974 – which were shelved in the former AJK Legislative Assembly of AJK during the outgoing PPP-led coalition government in the State despite the emergence of a parliamentary committee comprising the members from both treasury and opposition benches because of the reported total lack of interest by then PPP regime both at Pakistan and AJK.
Underlining other priorities of his government to bring AJK at the path of good government, speedy progress and priorities, alleviation of poverty and unemployment, the Prime Minister Farooq Haider said that through the proposed broad-based youth employment policy, educated youth will be provided jobs, purely on merit, in hydel power, tourism and industrial sectors – since a conducive environment was already available in AJK through the availability of huge natural resources in these fields.
He revealed that AJK was being blessed with one of eight mega industrial zones being established under the CPEC, the gigantic project of socio economic progress and prosperity in Pakistan – since AJK has also been added in the mega project, he added.
He said that the construction of grand dual carriage express way on Mansehra-Muzaffarabad-Bhibher-Mirpur-Mangla route under the CPEC will open new avenues of speedy economic progress and prosperity in the liberated territory.
Farooq Haider disclosed that Prime Minister of Pakistan Muhammad Nawaz Sharif has principally agreed to the recent proposals tabled by the AJK government, during his recent visit to AJK about the grant of due rights to AJK including the due royalty of Mangla dam and the upcoming 969 megawatt Neelam Jhelum Hydel Power project located in Mirpur and Muzaffarabad districts respectively.
Unveiling the proposed tourism uplift plan in AJK authored by his government, the AJK Prime Minister said that Mirpur will soon blessed with a grand network of roads especially the Coast lines to be constructed on the periphery of picturesque Mangla dam lake.
He revealed that the proposed coast line along Mangla reservoir belt will attract local and foreign tourism generating the per annum income of at least Rs. 30 billion.
“The soil of this city expatriates will release gold after the execution of the above projects of mass public welfare because of the peaceful environment and cultured stature of the people of this district”, Haider said.
Farooq Haider said that Board of Investment (BOI) was also being established in AJK in order to attract maximum investments in tourism and industrial sector in the State where mega industrial estates were also available in twin districts of Mirpur and Bhimbher.
In order to meet the long standing demand by the Mirpur population, Sui natural gas will soon be supplied in rest parts of Mirpur city in the near future, added the AJK Prime Minister.
He said that initial required staff has reached Mirpur for the establishment of a full fledge Mirpur regional office of SNGPL on the move of the AJK government for execution of second and last phase for the supply of natural gas to rest parts of the city which were still lying without this natural asset of immediate need, he added.
The Prime Minister said that MDA would soon be scanned through its massive restructuring and reforms to ensure the restoration of this institution to make it objective and vibrant through removal of corruption from its roots.
Haider declared that the political perpetrators of massive corruption in the infamous ‘MDA-sponsored Jinnah Town’s scam, will also be penalized – besides the officials involved in the scandal through the ruthless course of accountability in the near future.