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MIRPUR (AJK), Sept. 24 (APP)::Vehemently denouncing the intimidation of Indian Army Chief, the AJK Prime Minister Raja Farooq Haider Khan has said that the nation stands united shoulder to shoulder the valiant armed forces of Pakistan to teach India a lesson if it invaded Pakistan.
Reacting to the coward statement of Indian Army Chief late Sunday Farooq Haider said that Indian military might was helpless before a few hundred local freedom fighters and its chief was talking of war against Pakistan. Out of frustration by the hands of Mujahideen Indian armed forces were targeting children, women and elderly people in the IHK, he observed.
He said Kashmiris are first defense line of Pakistan who stand firm like a rock for the green flag of the country. He said Kashmiris would foil all nefarious designs of Indian forces before it reaches Pakistani soldiers. He said we would not let the Indian army cast an evil eye on Pakistan. He said coward Indian armed forces are indulged in committing gross human rights violations and state terrorism in IHK. Even United Nations human rights commission and international human rights organizations admitted it in their reports.
He said PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif’s statement condemning Indian army chief’s statement was morale boosting. He said the entire nation stands firmly with its armed forces.
AJK PM paid tributes to seven soldiers who were martyred in North Waziristan recently. He said their sacrifices to counter the terrorism in the country would be crowned with success. He said it was because of these sacrifices that the country was witnessing peace now. He also expressed sympathy with the bereaved families.