AJK President urges British MPs to play role in resolving Kashmir issue

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ISLAMABAD, Aug 21 (APP): Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK)
President Sardar Masood Khan Monday urged members of British
Parliament to play their role in resolving the longstanding
issue of Kashmir between Pakistan and India.
Addressing a joint news conference along with a visiting
delegation of British MPs here, he said “the Kashmir issue must
be taken up in the House of Commons effectively as Britain, being
member of United Nations as well as of its Security Council, has
the double responsibility for maintaining world and regional
He was of the view that the issue should be debated
thoroughly at floor of the House of Commons frequently so
that the British government could be convinced for its vibrant
role to pressurize international community and India for
resolving the Kashmir issue.
He said India was committing massive human rights
violations in occupied Kashmir to suppress Kashmiris’
indigenous movement for their legitimate right to
self-determination. “The situation in occupied Kashmir
is continuously deteriorating and needs immediate
attention of world influential powers,” he added.
Masood said brutal Indian forces were targeting
Kashmiri youth, molesting women, harassing and arresting
Hurriyat leaders under draconian laws, besides settling
non-Kashmiris in the occupied territory to turn locals
into minority.
He said India’s National Investigation Agency was
raiding houses of Kashmiri leaders and harassing them
to prolong Indian occupation there.
The AJK President said United Nations had failed so
far to implement its own resolutions that gaurantee Kashmiris
legitimate right to self-determination. “UN did nothing
practical except lip service,” he remarked.
He said people of Azad Kashmir and Pakistan had been
ready to resolve the Kashmir issue with India through
meaningful dialogue since 1948.
Masood said governments of AJK and Pakistan would
continue to extend their diplomatic, political and moral
support to people of occupied Kashmir till the issue was
resolved according to their wishes i.e. right to self-
British Parliamentarians including Yasmeen Qureshi
and Graham P Jones said prevailing situation in occupied
Kashmir and plight of its people was a challenge for
the world community.
They assured that they would take up the Kashmir
issue in the House of Commons and highlight the miseries
of Kashmiris at international fora effectively.
The British MPs said both Pakistan and India should
sit on a negotiating table for an amicable solution to the
longstanding dispute as it would be a win-win situation
for all including people of occupied Kashmir.
The MPs said they visited both the sides of the Line
of Control and witnessed the situation on ground, adding
that the UN would be reminded of its responsibility and
pushed to implement the resolutions it had passed on the