APP70-18 PESHAWAR: April 18 - President AJK Masood Khan addressing business community during his visit to Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry. APP photo by Shaheryar Anjum

PESHAWAR, April 18 (APP): President Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), Masood Khan Tuesday lauded the sacrifices rendered by Pakhtuns in their bid to liberate Kashmir from Indian occupation.
Speaking at a luncheon hosted in his honor by Sarhad Chamber of Commerce and Industry (SCCI), Masood Khan said people of KP and FATA have rendered great sacrifices and even embraced martyrdom in a bid to secure freedom for their Kashmiri brethren.
President SCCI, Haji Muhammad Afzal, former Presidents of SCCI including Ghazanfar Bilour and Syed Zulfiqar Ali were also present on the occasion.
Masood Khan said Kashmir and Pakistan are inevitable for each other and no one can separate them from each other.
The people of Pakistan and Kashmir have very close and cordial relations with each other and their hearts beat for each other.
He said even those Kashmiries who embrace martyrdom in their struggle of freedom are buried with their coffin covered with Pakistan’s flag.
He said Kashmir freedom struggle is the only movement in the world
wherein hundred of thousands of armless Kasmiries are countering brutalities of armed and merciless Indian forces.
President AJK also urged SCCI members and office bearers to support Kashmir cause by speaking in its favour at each and every forum.
He said we should speak about Kashmir cause at each forum so that world community should take notice of tyranny and unjust being meted out in Kashmir.
He said every message on social media has very strong impact and can divert attention of people towards any cause.
You should use every medium and forum for expression of solidarity with Kashmiri brethren and their just cause, he reiterated.
Masood Khan also informed members of SCCI about developmental works being carried out in AJK and said in eight different sectors developmental schemes are launched.
He said the AJK administration is also focusing on good governance by ensuring upholding of merit in appointment and improvement in performance of official duties.
He said work on a mega project of constructing 1450 kilometre of road in AJK is in progress and would be completed at a cost of Rs. 22 billion in three years.
Special focus is being given on energy production and works of several
projects is under progress which on completion will produce six to seven thousands mega watt of electricity.
Presently, he said, AJK is producing around 1500 MW of electricity which is included in national grid.
Similarly, he said, a Tourism Corridor comprising of 190 kilometre is
also planned for construction in AJK which will provide access to people for visiting Azad Kashmir from Burhan interchange near Abbotabad.
He also apprised SCCI members that out of eight industrial zones to be
established under CPEC, one would be set up in AJK. He said AJK has rich mineral resources and needs expertise of people to come and tap the facility.
Earlier, President SCCI, Haji Muhammad Afzal while lauding the sacrifices of Kashmiri brethren for attainment of freedom for Indian occupation,
expressed full support and solidarity with Kashmir cause.
He said people of KP and FATA fully realize the sacrifices rendered by
Kashmir brethren and sister for attainment of freedom from India and for their desire of joining Pakistan.
Haji Muhammad Afzal, on this occasion, also announced holding of next Executive Body meeting of SCCI in Muzafarabad as a gesture of support with Kashmir brethren.
Earlier, on request of president SCCI, all participants of gathering gave a standing ovation for expressing support to Kashmir freedom struggle. President AJK, Masood Khan thanked President SCCI for his kind words, standing ovation and announcement of visiting Muzafarabad for holding of Executive Body meeting of Sarhad Chamber.
He said the love and affection expressed by SCCI members for their Kashmir brothers and for their freedom struggle is exemplary and very encouraging.