AJK PM determined to eliminate corruption, power outage

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MIRPUR (AJK), Mar 2 (APP): Prime Minister of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Raja Farooq Haider Khan Thursday said his government would eliminate corruption and power load shedding from AJK.
“Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will become PM in 2018 again despite all conspiracies by his opponents”, Haider said addressing a public gathering at Barsala.
Farooq Haider said implementation of health package has been started and education policy also been implemented. He said the holding of ECO Summit in Islamabad is a achievement of the government as enemies of the country were trying to isolate Pakistan.
He said for accountability of the corrupt, legislation is underway and no one would escape it. We have promoted tolerance in politics and have not targeted the opponents and all available resources are being spent on the welfare of the people.
“Billions of rupees have been saved by maintaining transparency and ensuring quality work of development projects. Politicians trying to create chaos should mend their ways. Honesty and hard work will lead to progress and prosperity,” he said.
MLA Raja Abdul Qayyum presided over the ceremony. Minister for Food Syed Shukat Shah,MLA Dr.Mustafa Bashir,Sardar Tasleem Abbasi and Mukhtar Abbasi also addressed the gathering.