AJK people to defeat PTI MC alliance in upcoming elections: Kirmani

AJK people to defeat PTI MC alliance in upcoming elections: Kirmani

HATTIANBALA (AJK), May 29 (APP): Special Assistant to the
Prime Minister on Political Affairs Dr Syed Asif Kirmani Sunday said the alliance of Pakistan Tehrik e Insaf and Muslim Conference was an“alliance of cheats and thugs” who would be defeated by the people of Azad Kashmir in the coming elections.

Addressing the PML N Workers Convention, he said the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML N) was the custodian of Quaid e Azam’s ideology and Nawaz Sharif was its president.

He said the Quaid e Azam succeeded in creation of Pakistan
as he was a brave, honest and visionary leader and in the present day Pakistan, Nawaz Sharif had all those characteristics. There were six to seven more Muslims Leagues in the country but only difference with the PML N was that they did not have a leader like Nawaz Sharif, he added.

Kirmani said Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had
decided to respond to India’s threatening tone after their atomic blasts in May 1998 as Indians had started terming Kashmir their integral part.

Nawaz Sharif made Pakistan’s defence impregnable by conducting nuclear tests on May 28, 1999 in response to India’s five nuclear blasts and for the nation it was a day of happiness like Eid, he added.

The Prime Minister made the country’s defence impregnable by conducting atomic blasts despite world pressure and incentives for billions of dollars.

After its atomic blasts, the Indian leadership had threatened
Pakistan to occupy Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK), but they had to be silenced due to the Prime Minister’s courageous step, he added.

He said the people involved in horse trading during the Kashmir Council election would have the worst defeat no matter if they made 10,000 alliances.

He said the Prime Minister was in London in connection with
surgery and he would return home after recovery with the grace of the Almighty. Whenever doctors would allow him he would also visit Azad Kashmir on priority basis, he added.

Kirmani said the PML N would establish its government in the
AJK. He himself would protect people’s rights during the ensuing government of PML N in AJK, which would bring prosperity by providing basic amenities to them.

He asked where were the so called leaders of the country in
1998 when the country needed them. They were then enjoying lives in the United Kingdom and Europe and earning dollars, he added.

He said the Quaid e Azam had to fight three forces: the
colonial British, cunning Hindus and Muslim leaders opposing Pakistan. He had three characteristics of honesty, bravery and vision and which all were also found in Nawaz Sharif, he added.

Dr Kirmani said Imran Khan had accused Nawaz Sharif of
owning off shore companies but it transpired later that he (Imran) himself and his all ‘ATMs’ (auto teller machines) owned such companies.

He said when the PML N came to power in 2013 Pakistan was facing multiple problems. About 20 hour load shedding was being done, but now the situation was improving and by 2018 the country would become loadshedding free as thus the promises made by Nawaz Sharif would be fulfilled.

He asked the Kashmiri people to vote for the PML N which would work for progress and prosperity of AJK after coming to power.