AIIB absorbs new members in accordance with agreement: China

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BEIJING, May 17 (APP): While commenting on Japan’s intention to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), a Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson said on Wednesday that AIIB was an open and inclusive multilateral organization for development and it absorbed new members in accordance with the agreement.
“If Japan wants to join it, it may make its intention known by submitting its application to the AIIB,” Spokesperson Hua Chunying remarked during her regular press briefing held here.
Responding to a question, she said it was China that proposed the Belt and Road Initiative, but the principle this Initiative follows was “joint consultation, extensive participation, and shared benefits.
“Chinese leadership firmly believes that it is a cause that concerns everyone, and therefore shall be discussed among everyone and undertaken by everyone. And no one will be left out when it is time to reap benefits”,she added.
The spokesperson said, “Instead of saying that China was trying to act as a leader or project international leadership, I would prefer saying that China never shies away from its responsibility”.
China always maintained that all countries were equal, regardless of their sizes and also believed that large countries, boosting relatively more resources and more capabilities, should naturally assume more responsibilities and make more contributions, she added.
Hua Chunying said, China’s proposal of the Belt and Road Initiative and hosting of the BRF were the exact and specific manifestation of such a spirit that China never shirks its responsibility.
To yet another question, she informed that China would host the BRICS summit in Xiamen in September, which was a major event for China’s diplomacy.
“China will remain in close communication and coordination with other BRICS countries to make the Xiamen summit a great success, contributing to consolidating solidarity among BRICS countries and promoting common development of the BRICS and development countries,” she added.
About Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, she said, “We have clearly stated our position on the Peninsula nuclear issue on many occasions”.
As a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a close neighbor to the Korean Peninsula, China had been and would continue implementing relevant resolutions of the Security Council comprehensively and faithfully, she added.
China, she said, would make unremitting efforts to cool down the situation on the Peninsula and strive for a final peaceful settlement of the Peninsula nuclear issue.