Ahsan visits CPEC center of excellence


ISLAMABAD, Feb 24 (APP): Minister for Planning, Development
and Reforms, Ahsan Iqbal visited China Pakistan Economic Corridor
(CPEC) Center of Excellence here on Friday.
Inspecting the construction work of the center, he
suggested ways to further improve the project, a press release said.
Ahsan Iqbal also talked to researchers present on the occasion and asked them to research for improving balance of trade of the country.
He said due to the mega project of CPEC, the geo economical
situation of the country was being changed.
“We will have to make extra endeavors to get extra ordinary
results”, he added.
He said the negative impacts of the opponents’ campaign
against CPEC could be repelled by initiating sustainable defence
campaign against them.
The minister said the private sector must take part in the
country’s development process.
He said after the completion of CPEC projects, it would be
proved a game changer not only for Pakistan but the whole region and
would it become a source of mutual coordination of the countries in
the region.
Pakistan would also emerge as the new regional center of trade, he added.
Ahsan Iqbal said some elements were engaged in spreading
negative propaganda against the Pakistan China Industrial
“But we will not let them succeed in their nefarious designs”,
he said.
He said Chinese leadership wanted to boost the
industrialization in Pakistan.
Due to costly labour in China, the industries were being
shifted to Pakistan now.
He said in these industries, Pakistani labor would work
because it seems illogical to bring the costly Chinese labor to
these industries in Pakistan.