Ahsan for taking measures to solve potable water shortage in Gwadar

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ISLAMABAD, Jan 18 (APP): Minister for Planning, Development and Reform (PD&R) Ahsan Iqbal here on Wednesday directed the
concerned authorities to immediately solve the potable water
shortage in Gwadar.
“Keeping in view the future expansion of Gwadar City, Port and
planned industrialization, all-out efforts must be ensured,” he said
while presiding a meeting here today.
The meeting was attended by officials from Ministry of Planning, Development and Reform, Government of Balochistan and
Gwadar Development Authority.
Ahsan Iqbal directed that existing desalination plant at
Karwat should be operationalized immediately and made it clear that
uninterrupted power supply from different sources has to be ensured
in order to run the plant on its full capacity.
He further asked authorities to speed up work on necessary
facilities of fresh water treatment, water supply and distribution
project initiated under China Pakistan Economic Corridor.
“This project will not only resolve this issue permanently but
would cater the future growing population needs ” he added.
The minister emphasized that the hospital at Gwadar should be
run in a professional manner to ensure maximum health services to
the local population.
“An effective business model must be devised to ensure smooth
functioning of this health institute”, he added.
Earlier, Dr. Sajjad Hussain, Director General, Gwadar
Development Authority (GDA), informed the participants about the
drought like situation in entire Makran belt which is mainly because
of dry spell.
He told that Ankara Kaur dam the main source of water in
Gwadar was close to dead level because its catchment areas had not
received rains for many years adding that present need is catered
through water tankers from Mirani Dam.
He said the current need of water is 4.6 million gallons per
day, which is expected to rise to 12 MGD till 2020 and 30 MGD till
To cater need of drinking water in Gwadar, the construction of
first phase of Shadi Kaur Dam has been completed through Public
Sector Development Program (PSDP) at the cost of Rs. 3800 million,
he added.
He said a project of transmission lines from Swad and Shadi
Kaur Dam to get 5.0 MGD water has been initiated with additional 5.0
MGD desalination plant at the cost of Rs. 7900 million.
DG GDA also briefed the meeting about existing hospital at
Gwadar and its expansion plan under Chinese grant.
A three member committee comprising Member (Infra) MPDR,
Secretary Health Balochistan and DG GDA was formed to explore all
options for public private partnership and prepare a business model
for management of the hospital at Gwadar.