“Ahmad Faraz: Life & Works” second edition published

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ISLAMABAD, June 5 (APP): Ahmad Faraz: Life & Works” is very
popular book among readers; its second edition has been published
with addition and amendments by Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL).
These were the views expressed by Prof Dr Muhammad Qasim
Bughio, Chairman, PAL on the eve of PAL’s publication project
“Pakistani Adab ka Memar” book “Ahmad Faraz : Life & Works” 2nd
edition publication.
He said PAL in 1990 has started a project on the eminent writers of Pakistani languages titled” The makers of Pakistani Literature.”
This series of book is serving in a very beneficial way while providing to a great number of people the information regarding their lives and the present condition in which they are living.
PAL is publishing books on the work and personality of prominent writers, poets, novelists, short story writers and critics of Pakistani languages.
He said that Ahmad Faraz is a well renowned and distinctive poet of Urdu ghazal & nazam. Among his contemporary poets no one could surpass the level of recognition and fame as Ahmad Faraz, as a poet earned during his career.
His popularity was at its height not only in particular Urdu literary circles but in public as well.
Ahmad Faraz is a distinguished personality because of his resisting behaviour but he remained connected with the great tradition of Urdu romantic poetry which also added in his popularity.
He further said this book is written by poet, critic and translator Mehboob Zafar who has performed a great literary service.
This book will definitely be helpful in understanding and introducing “Ahmad Faraz: Life & Works”.