Agri-experts for using efficient irrigation techniques to conserve water


ISLAMABAD, Nov 1 (APP): Agriculture experts gathered here from 30 countries of the world asked for using efficient irrigation technologies to conserve water and to produce more crops for tackling the increasing food demands.
Addressing the 3rd day of the 75th Plenary meeting of the International Cotton Advisory Committee (ICAC), they said that inefficient use of water was reducing the ground water level and available water resources were facing immense pressure due to increasing population across the glob.
The event was organized by the Ministry of Textile Industry which was attended by the 400 delegates from 30 members states, besides Director General ICAC Jose Sethi also attended the meeting.
Speaking on the occasion, WWF Pakistan Representative, Arif H. Makhdum said that agri-sector and cotton crop was consuming about 95 percent of fresh water in the country.
He said that the cotton sector was a source of livelihood for over 1.4 million farming families and accommodating skilled and sami-killed labors in the country.
He informed that about 56 million cubic feet water was diverted in Punjab irrigation system and about 11 million feet water in canals wasted due to inefficiencies.
He said that WWF has initiated programmes for the capacity building of farmers and about 92,350 cotton farmers across the country and trained them on better management practices, pest attack management.
It had reduced 24.7 percent of water waste, where as the use of pesticides were also reduced by 31.5 percent in the targeted areas which had help in environment degradation, he added.
WWF head informed that 27 percent net profit was gained by reducing the 24 percent use of synthic fertilizers where as 115,336 metric tons of clean and better cotton produced.
Speaking on the occasion, Secretary Agriculture Department Sind, Abdul Raheem Soomro said that the event has an great opportunity to promote local textile and cotton industry in the world.
He said it would also help in policy making to produce best cotton by sharing the international best practices and innovative techniques.
He said the event would also help in capacity building of other stakeholders including growers, ginners and spinners besides introducing the local products in international markets.