AG says he did not divulge any date about SC verdict on Panama case


ISLAMABAD, March 14 (APP): Attorney General Ashtar Ausaf on Tuesday said that he did not divulge any specific date for the announcement of Supreme Court verdict on Panama case to any one.
Clarifying a news item carried by a section of the electronic media, he said, the reporter of the news channel had approached him at a funeral gathering, where the reporter had asked him if the Supreme Court would announce verdict on Panama case on Friday (March 17).
In reply, he told the reporter that the SC could announce the verdict at any moment according to its sweet will.
“I do not have any mandate nor authority to speak on behalf of the apex court therefore you need to talk to some appropriate person to ask this query,” he said.
He said that statement about the date of verdict attributing to him was a simple example of unethical approach of the reporter.