Afghanistan can restore peace, stability at an early date: China


BEIJING, Sept 18 (APP): While support an Afghan-led and Afghan-owned
reconciliation process, a Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Monday hoped that Afghanistan could restore peace and stability at an early date.
“China support the efforts made by Afghanistan to restore peace and
stability,” Lu Kang told reporters during regular press briefing here.
Responding to a question regarding Afghan government plan to train and
arm 20,000 civilians to defend territories where militants have been driven out, he said, “We will continue to follow the relevant information.”
“In principle, I want to say that China hopes that Afghanistan can
restore peace and stability at an early date.”
“Right now we rely on commandos and air strikes to retake the lost
territories but after the commandos leave we don’t have enough forces to hold onto the territories,” said a senior Afghan defence ministry official who asked not to be named.
“The force will operate under an army corps and will be used to fill the
gaps. They will be recruited from the locals and will be numbered around 20,000.”