Afghan border fencing to help curb terrorism: analysts

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ISLAMABAD, March 29 (APP): Pakistan has begun building a fence on
its 2,500km porous border with Afghanistan to prevent incursions by
militants and the move, analysts said, would help restraining cross-border terrorism and prove to be a stabilizing factor for regional peace,
Khaleej Times reported on Wednesday.
Pakistan has blamed outlawed Pakistani Taliban militants it says are
based on Afghan soil for a spate of attacks at home in recent months,
urging Kabul to eradicate ‘sanctuaries’ for militants. Citing the attacks, Islamabad earlier this month temporarily shut the main crossing points
along the colonial-era Durand Line border, drawn up in 1893.
Army Chief General Qamar Bajwa said that Pakistan was working on plans
to “evolve a bilateral security mechanism” with Afghanistan. “A better managed, secure and peaceful border is in mutual interest of both brotherly
countries, who have given phenomenal sacrifices in war against
terrorism,” Bajwa added.