AFA regrets personal differences between two ambassadors made public


ISLAMABAD, Aug. 30 (APP): The Association of Former Ambassadors has in a message to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs noted with regret the unfortunate episode relating to a letter attributed to former High Commissioner in New Delhi.
According to a statement issued by the office of Spokesperson of the
Foreign Ministry here Wednesday, the Association of Former Ambassadors maintained that the contents of the letter appeared to have been prompted
by personal differences between two officers of the Foreign Service.
“The language and tone of the letter was upsetting and the members
were of the view that it should not have been written or made public.
“Such episodes clearly add to the difficulties of the Foreign Office,
which is faced with so many challenges in the region and globally. We
wish to express our solidarity with you and the Ministry of Foreign
Affairs, which has performed admirably in dealing with challenges confronting Pakistan in an extremely difficult global environment.
“We greatly appreciate and stand in solidarity with the members of the Foreign Office at the Headquarters and in Pakistan’s missions abroad in carrying out their onerous responsibilities.
“We are confident that this episode will not detract you and the
Foreign Office from your primary responsibility. We must all work together to enhance the capacity and protect the integrity of our institution, which we have served with great pride in our lifelong commitment to our beloved country.”