Aces to face Bilal in final trials for selection of national bridge team


LAHORE, Feb 14 (APP)- After seven rounds held over four days at
the Lahore Gymkhana Card Room, the Aces Team comprising of established bridge players
like Ahsan Javed Qureshi,Ghias A.Malik, Nauman Butt,  Zia Hyder Naqvi,Muhammed Mubashir Puri and Junaid Said qualified to play the finals against the Bilal Team to represent the country in the BFAME Bridge championship to be held in Dubai in April.
Bilal Team The Aces team concluded the qualifying stage with a total score of 176.11 victory points(vp) as against 175.05 victory points aggregated by the Bilal team which comprised Gulzar Ahmed Bilal,Farrukh
Liaqat,Imran Abedi,Parvez Mirza,Hamza Liaqat and Qasim Rahim.
These finalists will face each other in a clash over 64 boards and the best team emerging from the clash of bridge playing experts will be chosen to represent Pakistan at the 19th BFAME Bridge Championship.
In the Ladies section, the team playing under the banner of OUTSIDERS managed to edge past the other competing team playing under the name of NO Trump. The Outsiders Team comprising of experienced and adept bridge playing ladies like Rehana Saigol, Poro Raza, Qudsia Dossa, Roshan Bokhari, Shahnaz Pirzada and Goga Saeed Akhter earned the honor of representing Pakistan in Dubai.
No doubt the No Trump team put up a great fight but lost by a narrow margin of 218-200, to a better team. Members of the No Trump Team are Fatima Raza, Rubina Hai, Rubina Agha and Najam Abid.
Aces will face Bilal in the bridge championship finals tomorrow, Wednesday at the
Gymkhana Card Room supervised by the international referee and Tournament Director, Ihsan Qadir.