Abid rejects PTI’s rhetoric; mentions to KP Govt lapses in system upgradation

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ISLAMABAD June 06 (APP): Minister of State for Water and
Power Abid Sher Ali on Tuesday rejected the rhetoric of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf Senator regarding non-provision of required load
to KP and said it was non-cooperation of provincial government
that hampered up-gradation of grid stations.
“It was not the non-provision of required load to KP Discos
but the non-cooperation of the KP government in up-gradation of
grid stations,” he said in response to a Calling Attention Notice
by PTI’s Nauman Wazir and MQM’s Ateeq Sheikh.
He said four years back the federal government has allocated
Rs 540 million for up-gradation of Chakdarra Grid Station. “But
lethargy of the provincial government delayed the project till
the date when couple of days back it conveyed us about allocation
of land”, he added.
“For four years, the money has been available for the project,
but the KP government spent four years just to resolve the routine
issue of allocating land for the project,” he added.
The Senator had claimed that the Water and Power Ministry
had provided just 1400 MW to KP Discos against the demand of
the province of 2700MW.
The minister rejected the claim and informed the House that
information being revealed before the House was faulty and
incorrect as the transmission system in KP Discos is not eligible
to carry that much load. “The stated amount of power can only
flow in the system in KP only after up-gradation of Chakdara,
Mansehra and Noshki grid stations.”
He said the power is supplied to various Discos as per
demand and sustainability of the system. “But, if go by the
rhetoric of the PTI Senator, then Punjab Discos were the most
deserving and there should be no load shedding because in all
Discos recovery is outstanding.”
“If you have even more than 80 percent losses at different
feeders, is there any justification of power supply to such
areas. There is power theft and Kunda Culture, but we are
managing all this to facilitate people,” he said.
The minister said there are 250 feeders where there is no
load shedding. But, what to say of the feeders where power is
massively pilfered and there is no culture of paying dues.
He also contested that base load is finalized on the basis
of demands of the Discos and then the NPCC decides about load
distribution. Thereon, the basket price is also determined on
the basis of the demand as the government also provides subsidy
to consumers consuming less than 200 units.
He said due to efforts of the present government, 6500 MW
more power has been added to system over last four years.
“Today industry is being provided uninterrupted power supply.
More power is being added to national grid and time is not
far off when there will be no load shedding.”
He further explained that transmission line KP is very
lengthy and incapable of carrying load for long distance.
“Once, the grid stations are upgraded at Chakdarra, Mansehra
and Noshki, the situation would improve.”
He rejected the claim of the Senator that the demanded
load was not being provided and said, “we can provide
additional power to KP if the system is improved.”
“And this delay in up-gradation of the system is due to
lethargy of the KP government. Had the KP government been
responded promptly, these grid stations might have been
Abid Sher Ali further stated that federal government is
providing 650 MW to K-Electric despite that our agreement
with them had expired a year ago. “There is no moral obligation
on us to provide power to K-Electric. But, they are not running
their plants rather get cheaper power from main system and save
“Due to faulty and benefit-oriented agreements of the
previous government, this entity had transferred money
abroad and is not generating power as per agreement,” he
said. “Even K-Electric owes Rs 27 billion to Water and
Power Ministry.”