Ababeel to restore country’s minimal deterrence equation: Experts


ISLAMABAD, Jan 25 (APP): The Multi Independent Re-entry Vehicle (MIRV) – Ababeel will restore minimal measures for deterrence equation of the country, defence experts and analysts said here Wednesday.
The system carrying more than one war head, which can destroy various locations within 2200 kilometers radius, was successfully tested on Tuesday.
Defence expert and analyst Lt. Gen ® Shoaib Amjad, while recording comments on Pakistan’s successful launch of Ababeel said, the system was developed to defeat Indian Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) shield whereby giving Pakistan to maintain minimum level of deterrence to counter hegemonic designs of the adversary.
He said the restoration of deterrence will ensure stability and peace in the region.
He said the BMD had increased Indian sense of security and tendency to pre-empt adding that there is a pattern that “India acts and Pakistan reacts.”
The facts reveal that if flight test numbers and types of tests are compared – India has been testing around three times more than Pakistan and has a bigger array in its inventory.
This is evident, he said that Islamabad takes minimal, qualitative and highly restrained measures to restore peace, stability and deterrence measures.
Indian developments are unrestrained and meant for building status and especially they broke restrained after Obama administration could not deliver Nuclear Suppliers Groups (NSG) as parting gift – tested BrahMos at 600 km range after getting into Missile Technology Control Regime (MTCR). They may test a thermo nuclear device after the camel is in the NSG tent.
President Strategic Vision Institute Professor Dr. Zafar Iqbal Cheema while divulging details about the minimum deterrence said that Ababeel being capable of carrying multiple warheads simultaneously, is visibly harder to be encountered by the Indian BMD.
He said that India had always been trying to take edge over Pakistan’s technologies and in reaction to that Pakistan tests devices to encounter them.
He said that Pakistan’s missiles are strictly India specific, but if the Indian missile inventory is looked into, it has 5000 km range missiles questioning about the targets around the globe.
Some reports hold that they have over 3500 missiles of various types in their inventory.
Another defence analyst Major Gen ® Ejaz Awan said that like India nuclearized Asia back in 1974, but Pakistan continued to keep the level of deterrence to the lowest ebb by having conventional arsenal.
He said that Ababeel with its specific abilities to easily deceive the radar system simultaneously can target multiple targets with various war heads and different pay loads.
The word Ababeel is drawn from Arabic language. In surah “Feel” the incident of Abraha is narrated that how he being the most powerful king of his ages opted to go on a spree alongwith a large number of elephants (Feel) to destroy ‘Kabaa’. In line to counter the attempt how Allah defended His Own House by attacking the Abraha’s convoy thereby defending the sanctity and prosperity of His Holy Dwelling. The bird Ababeel had turned the usurper’s convoy into a minced material by throwing pebbles from their beaks and paws.