A confident China on display throughout the ‘Two Sessions’


BEIJING, (China), March 19 (APP): China’s just-concluded
‘Two Sessions’ meetings have delivered an important message to
the world: China is full of confidence and hope. This sentiment
can be attributed to the country’s achievements in recent years.
The first major achievement is economic growth. China
predicted its economic growth for this year as coming in around
6.5 percent, according to a government work report delivered by
Chinese Premier Li Keqiang, a senior fellow at the Chongyang
Institute for Financial Studies at Renmin University of China,
Wang Yiwei said on Sunday.
The goal proved attainable, as the National Bureau of
Statistics revealed on March 14 that the added value of
above-scale enterprises has registered a year-on-year increase
of 6.3 percent from January to February of 2017, up 0.3
percent from December 2016.
He said, over the past several years, China has found a
development path that confirms its national conditions. The
country is confident of its path, philosophy, system and
culture, as was demonstrated throughout the Two Sessions.
China has embarked on a path of stable and consistent
diplomacy featuring clear-cut stances and firm principles.
Chinese President Xi Jinping proposed a guiding principle
of “China has opened its doors and will not close them.”
Xi elaborated on the philosophy during the Two Sessions.
The national confidence is rooted in the CPC Central
Committee’s strong leadership, with Xi as its core.
He said the Two Sessions provided a platform for the
world to see how China’s national policies are made, and
more importantly, to foresee the direction and future of
the country’s development.
Therefore, in some ways, China’s confidence comes not
only from within but also from without — from people around
the world who pay attention to China’s development.
Data indicates that China’s contribution to the global
economy has remained above 30 percent since the 2008
financial crisis, he added.
At present, the country is an important force pushing
forward the world’s economy, despite of its own economic
slowdown and a stubbornly lackluster global economy.
Later this year, China will host a series of meetings
with major world economies to discuss ways of pushing the
global economy in a more open, inclusive, balanced and
beneficial direction.
China is confident that it can avoid the political
and economic consequences caused by the prevalence of
so-called Black Swan events in recent years. A confident
China will boost assurance of global community, create more
certainty around world, he concluded.