8th Lahore International Children’s Film Festival ends


LAHORE, Nov 26 (APP): The 8th Lahore International Children’s Film
Festival being held Cinepax Cinemas and Alhamra Lahore ended Saturday.
The festival events were full of excitement, entertainment and
inspiring interactions with international filmmakers. The festival was organised in collaboration with Cinepax Cinemas, Alhamra Arts Council
and supported by the CKU (Center of Culture and Development in Denmark).
Children of all ages from schools, with their families and groups of friends from all over Lahore had the opportunity to watch 80 of the best international films made for children from 26 countries
including France, Germany, Russia, US and Australia etc. Children from Bhakkar were also invited to attend the festival screenings.
The 8th LICFF attarcted over 18,000 children from over 38 schools
and their families during six days with interactive sessions and workshops with international filmmakers like Chloe Leseur from the children’s film ‘TIS’ France and Regina Valeeva from the film production team of Sheeps
and Wolves, Russia. Additionally, James Norton, known member of the Papers Planes Educational Team Australia, also held interactive paper plane making workshops with children.
“We really loved the film StickMan at the festival today, the children
were so engaged in the story till end and I think there were many
different lessons to take away from the stories,” a school teacher said.
The school kids had constructive dialogue around the themes of the
films with their teachers as they walked out of the cinema halls, he added.
Another teacher said that films were all very nicely selected. A lot
of the students were relating to the stories to their everyday life observations. There was a story
about a child in the film ‘His Good Will’ where the boy collects garbage and sells it to buy what he wants.
“I think it is important to show children stories of all kinds of children so they can understand and by empathetic,” she asserted.
The festival also welcomed children from public and foundation schools
and nearly 80 per cent of the audience included children who were attending a film festival for the first time.
The Lahore International Children’s Film Festival will be taking
its season events to Islamabad to reach more children and youth from
December 5 8 at Cinepax Cinemas, Rawalpindi.
The Little Art, a not for profit organization committed to raising
standards in education, has been holding this annual festival since