Country can’t afford politics of agitation: Shehbaz

LAHORE, August 03 (APP): Chief Minister Punjab Muhammad
Shehbaz Sharif Thursday said the country could not afford the
politics of agitation and the elements involved in negative
politics should show a mature behaviour.
In a statement issued here on Thursday, he said that coming
to power through conspiracies was no politics. In fact, politics
is the name of selfless service to the public, he added.
“The defeated elements lack the passion for public service and
they have nothing to deliver to masses. It is sanguine that the
Pakistan Muslim League-N has promoted transparency in the country
and the transparent projects of our government are an example of
its own,” he added.
The chief minister said that no one could allege corruption
of even a single penny in the mega projects and the world also
acknowledged the transparent economic policies of the PML-N
government in Pakistan.
“Muhammad Nawaz Sharif promoted the culture of merit and
transparency during his four-year tenure and mega projects of
trillions of rupees have been completed in a very transparent
“The looters of public money and the ones who have promoted
nepotism should first peep into their own inner-self,” he
He said that Nawaz Sharif lives in the hearts of the people
due to his revolutionary steps for national development, adding
that his matchless reforms for national development would be written
in golden letters. He said that the development projects completed
during the tenure of Muhammad Nawaz Sharif had no example in the
70 years history of the country. Despite obstacles, he said, energy projects had been completed in a record period of time during the
last four years.
The completion of energy projects would help eliminate unemployment
and poverty besides helping the nation to get rid of the menace of load-shedding. The overcoming of energy crisis would run the wheel of the industry and prosperity would usher in, he added.
He said that prosperous, strong and peaceful Pakistan was
our destination and all should work hard round-the-clock to achieve this goal. He announced that development agenda would
be furthered with full speed. He said that the PML-N had always pursued
principled-politics and prioritised national interest.
He said that democracy and strengthening of democratic institutions
was in the interest of the country and popularity of those trying to come to power through backdoor would be exposed fully in the 2018 elections.
The nation was well aware of the performance of the political elements making hue and cry currently.
He said that the nation would not allow anybody to play with its
destiny, now. The politics of hypocrites and spoilers would be eliminated forever. He said that Pakistan consisted of all of us and we all have to take the country forward.