5G technology for super-fast internet in offing: Anusha

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ISLAMABAD, Jul 3 (APP): State Minister for Information Technology and
Telecommunication Anusha Rahman said that Pakistan would become the first country in the world to test 5G technology.
Talking to APP, the minister said that the government would start
preparations for the introduction of 5G in the country by 2021 so that Pakistani people would adopt the new technology ahead of all other Asian countries.
The 4G spectrum license was sold for $295 million and after getting 10
percent advance tax by the bidder the total amount of $330 million of the auction had been deposited in the National Kitty, Ministry’s spokesperson Saghair watto said.
The number of broadband users increased from 3.7million to 44 million
during last four years and now with the leap to 5G networks, we can start to completely reshape entire industries, and rethink how we run our cities and manage critical national infrastructures, he added.
He said, 5G will be a far more capable network than its predecessors;
it will deliver speeds of up to 10 Gigabits per second (Gbps), which is 40 times faster than the current maximum speeds achievable on 4G.
Anush Rehman said that under the leadership of PM Nawaz Sharif the
broadband penetration has increased phenomenally, and the broadband penetration which was less than 3% in 2013, has grown to more than 29% within shortest span of time.
JAZZ successfully participated in recent 4G spectrum auction and won
the bid as a sole bidder and have invested billions in Pakistan’s Telecom sector being the oldest player in the market.
Technology neutral license for the 10 MHz of frequency spectrum 1800
MHz has been handed over to the successful bidder, JAZZ Pakistan.
The newly awarded license will also enable JAZZ to launch 4G Services
in Pakistan and would become third 4G operators in the Country.
The new 4G license to JAZZ will further enable taking high speed
connectivity and the associated socio economic benefits and opportunities to the Pakistani citizens.