5,000 black balloons released to express solidarity with IoK people


ISLAMABAD, Aug 15 (APP): The Youth Forum For Kashmir (YFK) organized a
Black Day event to mark August 15, the Indian independence as Black Day by releasing 5,000 black balloons to show solidarity with the people of Kashmir living under Indian occupation.
Releasing black balloons had a message of “Free Kashmir” written on
them. The event was attended by Kashmiri and Pakistani youth, youth political wings and civil society members gathered at F-9 Park, Islamabad.
They chanted slogans against the ongoing human rights violations in
Indian-occupied Kashmir, against the use of bullets and pellets on innocent natives of Kashmir, against the insensitivity of Indian government towards the killings in Kashmir.
Speakers on the occasion pledge to raise their voice for the people of
Kashmir at every forum to overcome their sufferings at the hand of Indian occupation.
Participants recorded their video messages and showed support for the
brave, resilient people of Kashmir who fight every day for freedom.
Indian independence day is celebrated as Black Day by Kashmiris all over
the world.
India has no moral or legal grounds to celebrate independence day when
it snatches the basic rights of Kashmiris. If world wants to see what Kashmiris aspire for, have a look that they celebrate August 14 and mourn August 15.
YFK, International Kashmir Lobby Group is Pakistan’s first
pro-Kashmir, registered and nonpartisan NGO led by young Kashmiris and Pakistanis working to ensure justice to Kashmiris living under Indian-military occupation.