ISLAMABAD, Jun 1 (APP): The fourth parliamentary year of the National Assembly has commenced following the address of President Mamnoon Hussain.

The Lower House of the Parliament has already completed three years.

According to official sources, the National Assembly has passed 45 bills in the third Parliamentary year. While it had 37 sessions from 2013 to 2016 and passed 65 bills out of total of 71 Bills moved in the House.

In the last three years, the National Assembly has conducted
business in 377 days.

It passed 91 resolutions while 41 reports of various departments were presented in the House.

Some 34 private bills were also introduced on Private Members Days.

As many as 73 Calling Attention Notices were taken up by the Assembly.

Standing Committees presented 19 reports in the House.
From 23rd to 32nd session held during the entire parliamentary from June 2015 to May 2016, the National Assembly had adopted 686 resolutions from out of 1,204 received during the period.

The government had presented 25 resolutions and notices were received for 76 bills out of which 50 bills were presented in the National Assembly.

Also 50 private bills were introduced out of which 3 were

As many as 19 annual reports were presented in the National Assembly and 38 resolutions were tabled in the National Assembly and 38 reports on various issues were presented in the Assembly during the last parliamentary year.

During the last parliamentary year, the NA secretariat had received 1204 resolutions, 686 were adopted, nine were not allowed to be presented; 508 are still pending and 38 were passed from the Lower House of the Parliament.

During the 23rd session of 2015, 55 resolutions were received by the Assembly secretariat, 37 adopted and one was disallowed.

17 resolutions were still pending in the lower house of the parliament.

According to year wise details of the session, 115 resolutions were received, 72 were adopted and five were not allowed and 38 resolutions were pending while nine were passed in the 24th session.

During 25th session, 163 resolutions were received, 93 were adopted, one was not allowed, 69 were lapsed, one was adopted.

While 95 resolutions were received, 18 adopted, 77 lapsed, five were passed during 26th session.

During 27th session, 81 resolutions were received, 46 adopted, 35 lapsed, and two were adopted. During 28th session, 160 resolutions were received, 107 adopted, 53 rejected and three were adopted.

During 29th session,188 resolutions were received,119 adopted, two rejected, 67 lapsed and pending five bills were passes from the house.

During 30th session, 172 resolutions were received, 98
adopted, 74 lapsed and nine were adopted. During 31st session, 174 resolutions were received and 96 were pending.

As many as 37 sessions of rules, regulations and privilege
committee were held while the government assurances committee held 22 meetings. Three standing committees of the National Assembly held 78 meetings.