4,000 MW more electricity to be added in system, loadshedding to end in Nov: Abid


ISLAMABAD, Sep 7 (APP): Minister of State for Power Chaudhry

Abid Sher Ali Thursday said the country had achieved the highest-
ever power generation of 20,000 megawatt and 4,000 MW more would be
added in the system during next three to four months.
“On Wednesday, we exceeded the 20,000 MW power generation
figure for the first time and that day there was extra electricity
than the demand,” he said while talking to journalists after
attending a meeting of National Assembly Standing Committee on
Energy here.
He said due to effective policies of the Pakistan Muslim
League-Nawaz (PML-N) government, power supply was improving day by
day, adding “3,000 MW to 4,000 MW more electricity will be added in
the national system.”
The minister expressed confidence that power loadshedding
would end by November this year across the country, except the areas
of high line-loses.
“Reducing the power loadshedding duration from 18 hours a day
to 2-3 hours especially in the months of August and September is the
hallmark of PML-N government, which is not less than any miracle,”
he said.
He said the PML-N government was fulfilling it commitments
made with the public and it succeeded to overcome what he described
‘Jin’ of electricity loadshedding.
Answering a question, Abid said industrial and powerloom
sectors were getting smooth supply of electricity with zero
He said provincial governments had the responsibility to play
their role in reducing power theft and line-loses in their
respective provinces.
Commenting on electricity situation in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the
Minister said the government was setting up four to five grid
stations in new localities of the province to remove the complaint
of low voltage and ensure uninterrupted supply of electricity.
He said it took three to four years to acquire land in
Chakdarra and Nowshera to set up grid stations, adding that now the
land had been acquired and “we will do the two-year work in nine
Abid said there were around 275 feeders in KPK where zero
loadshedding was being observed, while 120 feeders were facing 85
percent to 90 percent line loses.
He categorically said there would be no repair work in the
areas of high line loses, urging the parliamentarians to play role
in reducing the loses in their respective constituencies.