ISLAMABAD, Mar 18 (APP):The Prime Minister’s Delivery Unit (PMDU) is performing well as evident from the resolution of 382,000 out of total 539,000 complaints lodged by the people through Pakistan Citizens’ Portal.
Special Assistant to Prime Minister Iftikhar Durrani while briefing the media persons about the PMDU’s performance here Monday, said the portal was launched on October 28, 2018 under the vision of Prime Minister Imran Khan to establish a communication mechanism between the people and the state as the world had moved towards technology-based solutions, which were more efficient and transparent.
It was aimed at improving service delivery through a system of check and balance and making the bureaucracy more responsive, he added.
Iftikhar Durrani, who was flanked by PMDU Deputy Secretary Adil Saeed Safi, said around 850,000 people had so far installed the Pakistan Citizens’ Portal application. The media should also play its role in creating awareness among the masses about the App so that more and more people should opt for lodging their complaints through the system, he added.
Durrani said as the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf government had the mandate of establishing a system which helped resolve the problems of masses. The prime minister himself was looking after the matters relating to the Citizens Portal, he added.
He mentioned that it was a matter of with pride that the Pakistan Citizens’ Portal (PCP) had secured second place in top three Best Mobile Government Apps out of over 4,600 entries at the World Government Summit held in Dubai last month.
It was told during the media briefing that with 69% of complaints resolved out of 539,000, the number of complaints yet to be resolved by the relevant offices stood at 118,000, while 39,097 were under process.
According to the system, it was told, that relevant offices or officers at federal and provincial levels had 20 days to resolve a complaint after it was lodged through the system.
The complaints not resolved within 20 days were marked by the system automatically as “Red”, while after the passage of 40 days the complaints were marked as “Black”.
The number of complaints, which had not been resolved so far even after the passage of 20 days, stood at 70,896.
It was further told that an audit of complaints resolution system was under process and once it was completed, those offices or officers having no valid reason or logic for not resolving the complaints within the given time-frame would be made accountable.
The media persons were informed that out of the total complaints lodged at the Pakistan Citizens Portal, including from the Overseas Pakistanis as well as the foreign nationals of Pakistani origin, the number of women complainants so far stood at 34,156. Out of those, relief had been granted in 7,349 cases (with partial relief granted to 6,341) and 12,350 under process.