3582.8 MW electricity added to National Grid since 2013


ISLAMABAD, April 12 (APP): The government, as part of its efforts to increase power generation in the country, did manage to add 3582.8 MW electricity to National Grid since 2013.
The quantum of electricity added to national grid between March 23, 2013 to March 13, 2017 was 3582.80 MW, a data issued by Water and Power Division revealed on Wednesday.
As per details, during year 2013, the authorities managed to add 423.30 MW to national grid, 1421 MW during 2014, 720 MW during 2015, 920 MW during 2016 and 99 MW was added to national grid during 2017 so far.
Moreover, with regard to reduction of load-shedding in the country as compared to load-shedding in 2012, the data further revealed that during 2012, the duration of load-shedding in urban parts was 12 hours, rural parts 13 hours and seven (7) hours each load-shedding for mix and independent industries.
But this has now reduced during 2017 to only three (3) hours in urban, four (4) hours in rural while zero load-shedding is being observed in mix and independent industries.
Similarly, during 2013, the duration of load-shedding in urban was 13 hours, 14 hours in rural, mix industries eight (8) hours and six (6) hours in independent hours while it was gradually reduced during 2014 with eight (8) hours load-shedding in urban, nine (9) hours in rural and six (6) hour each in mix and independent industries.
The year 2015 witnessed further reduction in load-shedding with urban parts faced six (6) hours load-shedding, rural eight (8) hours, three (3) hours in mix industry and only one (1) hour in independent industry.
During year 2016, the duration of load-shedding for urban was six (6) hours, rural eight (8) hours and one (1) hour each for mix and independent industries.
Moreover, a comparison showing percentage of reduction in load-shedding during 2017 as compared to 2012, it was revealed that 75 per cent reduction has been witnessed in urban parts, 70 percent in rural while 100 percent reduction has been made in mix and independent industries.