21st century is an era of multiple power centers: Khawja Asif

ISLAMABAD, Apr 26 (APP): Minister for Defence Khawaja Muhammad
Asif Wednesday said that 21st century was an era of multiple power
centers, renewed economic interdependencies and realignment of
politico-strategic alliances.
While addressing a conference on International Security being
held at Moscow, Khawaja said Kashmir issue was a strategic flash
point in south Asia and if left unresolved, the dispute had potential to
threaten stability and peace of the entire region.
According to a press release here, the minister stressed on
the importance of conference to manage shared challenges including
terrorism, socio economic in equality, climate change, demography as
well as the on going conflicts in Syria, Yemen, Iraq, Afghanistan and North Africa.
He thanked the defence ministry of Russian Federation for
hosting 6th Moscow security conference.
Defence Ministers of Iran, Brazil and India also made speeches
on the occasion.