1st FMC Squash Premier League in full swing


LAHORE, Apr 21 (APP): The first FMC Squash Premier League is in full swing as dozens of matches were played on the fifth day here on Friday at PSA international complex.
President PSA Dr Nadeem Mukhtar was the chief guest on the occasion and praised the performance of young players.
Treet Falcons, Servis Stars and Trust Mavricks won their respective team matches as no upset was recorded.
Following are the results of the matches: Treet Falcons beat Matrix
Tigers 4-3, Under-11 Boys Category: Mohammad Ahmad (Matrix Tigers) beat Hamza Shaukat (Treet Falcons) score 11/9,11/5,11/9 (22 minutes).
Under-13 Boys Category: Khaqan Malik (Treet Falcons) beat Ahad Shaukat (Matrix Tigers) score 11/6,11/5,11/8 (16 minutes).
Under-15 Boys Category: Tayyab Rauf (Treet Falcons) beat Usman Nadeem (Matrix Tigers) score 11/9,11/8,11/3 (18 minutes).
Under-17 Boys Category: Ibtisam Riaz (Treet Falcons) beat Moaz Khan (Matrix Tigers) score 11/5,11/5,12/10 (21 minutes).
Under-19 Boys Category: Usmar Hassan (Treet Falcons) beat Abdul Mughni (Matrix Tigers) score 11/3,11/8,11/4 (18 minutes).
Men Senior Category: Kashif Asif (Matrix Tigers) beat Sheikh Saqib (Treet Falcons) score 11/9,11/6,9/11,9/11,11/6 (44 minutes).
Women Category: Sammar Anjum (Matrix Tigers) beat Aiman Shahbaz (Treet Falcons) score 11/6,14/12,11/8 (16 minutes).
In the second match, Servis Stars beat GNC Nicks 4-3, Under-11 Boys
Category: Anus Bukhari (Servis Stars) beat Talha Bin Zubair (GNC Nicks) score 11/7,11/9,11/7 (15 minutes).
Under-13 Boys Category: Afnan Mudassar (GNC Nicks) beat Mir Fayyaz (Servis Stars) score 12/10,11/6,12/10 (18 minutes).
Under-15 Boys Category: Ashab Irfan (Servis Stars) beat Huzaifa Shahid (GNC Nicks) score 11/2,11/8,11/9 (24 minutes).
Under-17 Boys Category: Muhammad Ahsan (Servis Stars) beat Abdul Ghani (GNC Nicks) score 11/6,11/5,11/7 (14 minutes).
Under-19 Boys Category: Shahzad Khan (Servis Stars) beat M.usman (GNC Nicks) score 9/11,11/7,11/4,13/11 (28 minutes).
Men Senior Category: Ali Bukhari (GNC Nicks) beat M Farhan (Retired Hurt).
Women Category: Riffat Khan (GNC Nicks) beat Noor Ul Ain Ijaz (Servis Stars) score 11/7,11/5,12/10 (16 minutes).
In third match, Trust Mavericks beat Diamond Paints Lions 6-1, Under-11 Boys Category: Mehmood Mehboob (Trust Mavericks) beat Zuraiz Naeem (Daimond Paints lions) score 11/2,3/11,11/4,7/11,11/9 (25 minutes).
Under-13 Boys Category: Abdullah Rasheed (Trust Mavericks) beat Azlan Khawar (Daimond Paints lions) score 12/10,4/11,11/9,11/4,11/7 (29 minutes).
Under-15 Boys Category: Junaid Khan (Trust Mavericks) beat Mustafa Asghar (Daimond Paints lions) score 11/4,11/3,11/8 (14 minutes).
Under-17 Boys Category: Zohair Shahid (Daimond Paints lions) beat Abubakar Khan (Trust Mavericks) score 12/10,11/9,11/1 (20 minutes).
Under-19 Boys Category: Salman Saleem (Trust Mavericks) beat Abdul Qadir (Daimond Paints lions) score 8/11,11/5,12/14,11/5,11/1 (40 minutes). Men Senior Category: Amaad Fareed (Trust Mavericks) beat Israr Ahmad (Daimond Paints lions) score 11/9,6/11,11/8,12/10 (53 minutes).
Women Category: Zoya Khalid (Trust Mavericks) beat Saima Shaukat (Daimond Paints lions) score 11/6,8/11,11/5,11/7 (25 minutes).