19th National Congress of CPEC becomes focus of world attention: Masood Khalid


BEIJING, Oct 21 (APP):Pakistan Ambassador to China Masood Khalid Saturday said that the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China (CPC) opened in the Chinese capital on October 18, had become the focus of world attention.
“The convening of the meeting of CPC National Congress is an important historic moment in China’s development process,” he said in an interview with China Radio International (CRI) online.
He said over the past five years, China had made remarkable achievements, the next five years it would achieve greater success, adding, China was on the right path.
Ambassador Khalid said that he had been in China for last four and a half years to see its areas of infrastructure, science and technology innovation, space industry, health care, education, economy, trade, diplomacy and all other human activities.
He said these achievements had been widely recognized and appreciated by the international community.
He said since the 18th National Congress of CPC, China had made great progress in development area, and made great progress in improving people’s living standard, improving the welfare of the residents and promoting the coordinated development of the various regions.
At the same time, the momentum of China’s reform was still strong and the degree of openness continues to improve, so that the international community had full confidence over China’s prospects, he added.
Ambassador Khalid said in the past five years, despite the slow growth of the world economic recovery, China’s economy had always been running along a smooth track.
China’s average contribution to world economic growth had reached about 30%, exceeding the sum of contribution rates in the United States, the euro area and Japan, ranking first in the world, he added.
He believed that China’s success had set an example for developing countries, whose experience was worth learning for developing countries.
Although China has a large population, it has created a miracle in the history of world development through reform, opening up and modernization, helping more than 700 million poor people out of poverty.
He said that China was currently on the right path, from the “13th Five-Year Plan” adding it could be seen that its development direction is clear, the development measures are pragmatic.
While commenting on Chinese President Xi Jinping role, Ambassador Masood said, “President Xi is a strong political leader who can manage and deal with economic and social problems.”
China has become an important force in United Nations peacekeeping operations and actively cooperate with the international community to respond to the epidemics.
China also provides financial assistance to developing countries free of charge and as one of the UN Security Council “five permanent members”, China actively assumes the responsibility of safeguarding world peace and security. ”
Finally, Ambassador Masood expressed his anticipation of the relationship between China and Pakistan after the 19th National Congress of CPEC.
He said that with the joint efforts of the two heads of state, China-Pakistan relations had been developing steadily.
In the past five years, bilateral relations have developed very well and the results are gratifying. President Xi Jinping has made great progress and put forward the “one way all the way” initiative, and is committed to sharing China’s development dividend with the world. Pakistan is an active participant in the “pioneer” initiative.
As the flagship project of the initiative, the construction of the “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor” is being carried out in a steady and orderly manner, which is beneficial not only to China and Pakistan, but also to benefit the region and the world.
He said, “In the past, the world situation had changed dramatically, but China-Pakistan relations had never been affected and have withstood the test of time.”
“In the future, no matter how the world is changing, no matter how complicated the international environment, I believe that China-Pakistan friendship will always be strong,” he said.