19 artefacts from Gandhara Civilization being displayed at National Museum of China

BEIJING, May 20 (APP):Pakistan is displaying 19 original artefacts from Gandhara Civilization in the Exhibition of Asian Civilization being held here at the National Museum of China.

The oldest artefact from Pakistan is the “œterracotta female human figurine” which is estimated to be 5,000 years old.

The artefacts from Pakistan had generated great interest among the visitors of the exhibition and depicts civilizational history, art and culture. These artefacts were the collection of the Department of Archaeology and Museums Islamabad.

The exhibition with the theme “Splendour of Asia” is being held in Beijing from May 13 and will continue till August 11.

As many as 450 artefacts from 47 Asian countries including Pakistan are being displayed at the exhibition.

Pakistan Ambassador to China, Masood Khalid sharing his thoughts during the exhibition said that cultural and civilizational exchanges are a glimpse into the history of human civilizations.

He thanked the Chinese government for hosting this event in which Pakistan and other Asian countries displayed their combined history and culture.

He emphasized that such events help to negate misperceptions and promote peace and harmony among nations.

The artefacts from Pakistan has been arranged through the joint efforts of the Embassy of Pakistan in Beijing, National History and Literary Heritage Division in Islamabad and the Chinese Embassy in Islamabad.