1648.5 MW added to national grid since July 2016


ISLAMABAD, May 4 (APP): As many as 1648.5 MW electricity has been added to the national grid system since July 2016.
Official sources told APP here that the electricity was added though various sources including wind, solar, nuclear, Bagasse and thermal.
They said some 13 projects have started supplying power to the
national grid during the said period.
Giving the details, they said some 378.5 MW has been added through eight wind projects. The projects included 50 MW each Metro, Younis, Tapal, Sachal and Dwood Hydro China and 49.5 MW each Master and Gul Ahmad.
Similarly, Chashnupp (Nuclear) was contributing 340 MW, Crest Energy (Solar) 100 MW and Bhikki (Thermal) 716 MW, they said.
Two Bagasses projects including Fatima Energy and Hamza Sugar
having 99 MW and 15 MW capacity respectively have also been
commissioned during the said period.