14-year-old squash player Falak Sher laid to rest amidst eyes full of tears


PESHAWAR, July 21 (APP): 14-year-old squash player Falak Sher sadden the whole sports circle and also left two squash legends former World Champions Qamar Zaman and Jansher Khan sobbing.
There were hundreds of players including former World Champions and
legendries Qamar Zaman and Jansher Khan, officials from PAF Sports Board Control Committee, from 8-year-old squash player to Pakistan No. 1 Farhan Mehboob, his relatives, and people from different walk of life attended his janaza amidst tearful moments were witnessed.
Son of PAF Hashim Khan Squash Academy Head coach Gulab Sher, Falak Sher was suffering from blood cancer and despite continuous treatment he could not recover. “I want to live a life of legends,” Qamar Zaman quoted Falak Sher as saying during a chat.
Despite his blood cancer, the young and energetic Falak Sher did not
missed any tournament either it was in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar or in another cities of Pakistan. “I have very short life but I want to do much more things to make my own identity in the world of squash.”
Former World Champion Qamar Zaman with whom Falak Sher played more than dozens exhibition matches in connection with Pakistan Independence Day (August 14), Pakistan Day (March 23), Quiad-e-Azam Day (December 25), Defence Day of Pakistan (6 September), Kashmir Day (February 5) said, “Falak Sher knew that he was suffering from blood cancer but he said he want to live a life of legend that is why he played exhibition matches against Qamar Zaman and Jansher Khan,” Qamar Zaman quoted Falak Sher as saying.
Late Falak Sher has great association with everyone from young to senior and old players in the squash. His father while quoting him as saying that, “I know I am going to die but people will remember me after my death as a squash,” told APP Mehboob Khan, former coach of Jansher Khan quoting Falak Sher as saying in funeral of Falak Sher.
He was buried amidst tearful devotion of his friends and well-wishers,
family members. Qamar Zaman when asked to comment he said, I played exhibited matches with Falak Sher on every special occasion because of his patience with squash. Falak Sher started his squash in the age of 8 and soon enrolled in the PAF Hashim Khan Squash Academy as Udner-11, Under-13 and Under-15 player.
We have played exhibition matches on last August 14, Kashmir Day on
February 5, 2017, Pakistan Day on March 23, and when he participated in the DG Ranger Squash event in Karachi and National Junior Squash Championship in Lahore, he intimated me to reach to for the coming Independence Day (August 14), 2017 but he breathy his last.
He said, KP Squash Association would soon name a tournament after him.
“I will talk to the President Pakistan Squash Federation to include a tournament at national junior level on the name of Falak Sher,” Qamar Zaman concluded.