1076 development schemes completed in FATA during four years

ISLAMABAD, May 25 (APP): The government has ensured completion of more than 1076 schemes out of Annual Development Programme (ADP) during last four years to improve socio-economic condition of people living in Federally Administered Tribal Areas (FATA).
Of the total schemes, 273 were completed in 2012-13, 415 in 2013-14, 215 in 2014-15 and 173 schemes were executed during year 2015-16, an year-wise break up of these completed schemes showed here on Thursday.
According to Ministry of States and Frontier Regions, development budget for FATA Annual Development Programme (ADP) is reflected in Public Sector Development Programme (PSDP), as one line in SAFRON Division.
This budget is further distributed amongst seven Tribal Agencies and six Frontier Regions (FRs) as per formula approved by competent authority.
During the last four years, a total of Rs 64107.84 million was released, out of which Rs 63567.103 reportedly utilized.
In addition to development schemes, major projects have been initiated/undertaken by present government to bring these areas at par with rest of the country.
These include establishment of FATA University, removal of deficiencies in educational institutions, up-scaling of Governor Model Schools to quality and excellence of Cadet Colleges, creation and strengthening of laboratories in colleges for smooth transition to introduction of BS programme in FATA, extension of mobile health facilities in FATA, strengthening of secondary health care facilities, solarization of Drinking Water Supply Schemes and irrigation tubewells, Roads Linking Mineral and Natural Resource bearing areas in order to improve economic linkages, Law Enforcement Agencies facilities, establishment of Value Chain & Market linkages, introduction of high yield and environmental friendly genetically modified crops/seeds, introduction of Community based Non Timber Forest Products (NTFP) and Fast Growing Timber (FGT) schemes, focus on consolidating & improving municipal service delivery at existing municipalities and formation of FATA Youth Assembly and sports clubs.
Federal government had also ensured return of 2,91,082 families of Temporarily Dislocated Persons while process of remaining families is expected to be completed soon.
In view of overwhelming response, the government has also increased scope of FATA Youth Skills Development Programme and now training would be provided to 10,000 youths annually.
The on-going skill development projects in FATA include Youth Skills Development Programme (Institution-Based), FATA Youth Skills Development Programme (Field Internship), Skilling FATA through Joint Venture, Skills Development & Entrepreneurship Training Programme and Establishment of Women Skills Development Centers in Northern, Central & Southern parts.
FATA Development Authority (FATADA) under its Skills Development Section is currently running the projects for youth and sends youth from all over FATA for short-duration training courses to vocational training institution of good reputation within the country, not only to gain employable skills but also to get an opportunity of mixing with people from other parts of the country.
A lot of job-oriented trades like heavy machinery operator, lab technician, computer (Hardware & Software), plumbing are offered.
Moreover, other project is FATA Youth Skills Development Programme (Through Field Internship) which was launched to provide youth On-job Training (OJT) for a period of six months for acquiring hands-on experience and also serves as an opportunity for employers to observe and assess their skills and performance with the hope that this training would improve the youths chances of getting jobs in same or other organizations.
So far more than 2,847 FATA youth have been benefitted from this programme.
Under Skilling FATA through joint venture programme, the services are provided jointly by FATA-DA and Community Based Organizations (CBOs).
The CBOs provide agreed services (Arrangement of buildings, instructional staff, training material and machinery), the cost of which is borne by FATA-DA in shape of tuition fee.
CBOs provide vocational training in tailoring, embroidery, knitting, cooking, beautician and interior decoration to FATA women as per the guidelines of FATADA.
Agreements with different CBOs have been made for establishment of 54 women training centers all over FATA.
Similarly, under Skills Development & Entrepreneurship Training Programme, entrepreneurs are trained to improve the business and trade skills.
The target groups are the existing businessmen of FATA and youth who have acquired the skills but need a boost to take initiative and start a new business.
The programme has been implemented in seven Agencies and six FR areas of FATA. So far entrepreneurship training has been given to 2715 FATA youth.
Furthermore, FATA Development Authority has established 39 Government Women Skills Development Centres in rented buildings all over the FATA.
The project aims to empower women so that they play a more active role in the society. Training in tailoring, embroidery and knitting is imparted in these centres. So far 15407 women have been trained in these centers.