1062 campaigns conducted against drug usage, trafficking


ISLAMABAD, Feb 27 (APP): Ministry of Interior and Narcotics
Control has arranged 1062 different campaigns during last three
years to disseminate awareness at national level against menace of
drug usage and trafficking.
The number of awareness activities was 185 during 2014, 437
during 2015 and year 2016 witnessed 440 such campaigns.
Official sources on Monday said Anti-Narcotics Force (ANF)
executed these campaigns. With limited strength and resources, ANF
has been endeavoring to perform its functions to the best of its
abilities and made remarkable achievements in its fight against the
Highlighting the awareness activities, the sources said ANF
launched Youth Ambassador Programme which has over 5000 active Youth
Ambassadors throughout the country.
It is basically aimed to take youth onboard for awareness and
drug abuse prevention, with message “Say No to Drugs.” It aims at
promoting Mass Awareness to highlight emerging trends of drug
use, especially amongst street children, students, parents and
The sources said it provides platform for projecting young
talent to channelize the role of youth in serving humanity and
society, without any discrimination and exploitation.
The other source was Media Campaigns which ANF undertakes to
disseminate awareness at national level. It encompasses Electronic,
Print and Social Media, Special Media Campaigns are also launched
on specific occasions e.g. Hajj, International Day against Drug
Abuse, National Day etc.
ANF has also its own website www.anf@facebook.com to spread
its message. In addition a UAN Number 111-222-331 has also been made
public for fruitful public suggestions.
Another sources is Drug Demand Reduction DDR) which maintains
close interaction with Target Group, NGOs and other related
departments for a collaborated effort. They also act as outreach
source of ANF in Drug Demand Reduction Activities.
Awareness activities included seminars, lectures, awareness
walks/rallies, awareness sessions, essay competitions, painting
competitions, tableaus, sports events, advertisements in print/
electronic media and distribution of informational material etc for
creating awareness among masses.
Regarding Enforcement Measures adopted to stop rapidly use
of drugs in the country, the sources said ANF conducted special
enforcement campaigns against street drug paddlers involved in
supply of drugs into at educational institutes in phases.
In this direction, the sources said coordination & liaison
with schools, colleges & universities have been increased to check
rise of drug addiction amongst students.
Educational authorities have been advised to establish
internal Monitoring and Enforcement System to control rise of drug
addiction amongst youth while areas around educational institutions
were being monitored on regular basis to stop/counter sale of drugs
to students by peddlers/suppliers.
Moreover, the sources said 29 police stations of ANF are
working in the country to control/stop smuggling/spread of
narcotics. Deployment of ANF personnel at all international
airports, seaports and dry ports has been ensured to counter
narcotics trafficking through passengers and goods and launching of
campaign/crackdown against drug peddlers involving Police under
Inter Agency Task Force (IATF) forum were the other steps.
The sources said other measures were destruction of Poppy
Crops in coordination with Provincial Government and FATA
Administration, establishment of Canine Units sniffer dogs) at each
Regional Directorate (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, North, Punjab, Sindh and
Balochistan and Capacity building of ANF officials and other Law
Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) through training and provision of
equipment for counter narcotics activities.
The sources said intelligence network of ANF has been
expanded inside main cities to locate and hunt drug
smugglers/peddlers, enrollment of 590 individuals Enforcers in
Force, checking of international arrivals at all airports and
checking of domestic flights at Quetta and Peshawar airports,
conduct of precursors training for all users for effective precursor
control/checking, induction of intelligence software for assistance
in investigation/backtracking, random/ surprise checking by ANF
Special Squads at all Railway Stations, scope of Port Control Unit
(PCU) at Karachi has been expanded and use of CCTV Cameras for
effective profiling of passengers at all airports were other steps.
Pre-Export Notification (PEN) online system is also in
practice to have check on misuse/diversion of precursors, the
sources added.