10 major cities population up by 74%


ISLAMABAD, Aug 28 (APP): The population of 10 major cities of
the country has increased by 74.4 per cent since 1998, when the last
census was conducted, according to the data of recently concluded
6th Population and Housing Census 2017.
The total population of the 10 cities surged to 40,956,232
individuals as per the 2017 census from 23,475,067 registered
during the 1998 census, the data revealed.
The population of Karachi, according to the latest census,
is 14,910,352 against 9,339,023 registered in 1998, showing a growth
of 59.65 per cent growth.
The population of Lahore city increased by 116 per cent from
5,143,495 to 11,126,285 while that of Faisalabad rose from 2,008,861
to 3,203,846, showing a growth of 59.4 per cent.
Similarly, the population of Rawalpindi grew by 48.8%
from 1,409,768 to 2,098,231, Gujranwala by 78% from 1,132,509 to
2,027,001, and Peshawar by 100% from 982,816 to 1,970,042.
Likewise, the population of Hyderabad city increased from
1,166,894 to 1,732,693, showing 48.4 per cent growth, Islamabad
from 529,180 to 1,014,825, showing 91.7 per cent growth, and
Quetta from 565,137 to 1,001,205, showing 77.1 per cent growth.
However, the population of Multan city declined by 56 per cent
to 1,197,384 according to the recent census from 1,871,843 in 1998.
It is pertinent to mention here that the country’s current
total population has soared to over 207.744 million with an average
annual growth rate of 2.4 per cent from the calendar year 1998.
According to provisional summary results of the census
which were presented in the Council of Common Interests on Friday,
the population number included 132,189,531 rural and 75,584,989
urban population, showing an overall population growth at 57
per cent during the period 1998-2017.
The figures recorded in the census also showed 2.23 per cent
growth in rural areas and 2.7 per cent in urban areas during these
years as the male population of the country at present stands at
106,449,322 with the female population at 101,314,780, and the
population of transgender at 10,418.